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about us

Three different worlds, three different outlooks, a shared passion for wood.

Each of us is different, our opinions differ, but it is thanks to these differences that we can create exceptional and unique wooden stories. By working together, we built THIS IS WOOD.

Among us we have architects, designers, and woodworking specialists. This is where we can develop, look for creative solutions, and return to nature. It all began with a lumber mill in Leszno in the very heart of Kashubia. The interior of this place shows our approach to design, respect for the wood, all contained in a simple form.

This is where every wooden story begins.

We look for inspiration everywhere, especially in the nature that surrounds us. Our first inspiration were the Austrian Alps, where we were captivated by simple wooden houses. Their raw character became our point of departure. Our mission is to reveal the natural beauty of the wood.