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Each project and realisation tells a different story,
shows different dreams, and allows you to see our idea of wood design.


A proper piece of wood. This material is both durable and pleasing to the touch.Its natural appearance and raw character goes well with steel and concrete. Oak, Beech, Ash, Walnut. All of them have their own natural grain, making each of our designs one of a kind.


Architects, designers, woodworking specialists. Different worlds, shared passion.We are a creative team and we seek inspiration by observing and touching the world. Sanding the wood, we unravel the mystery of nature. Our common goal is the least possible interference with the wood. Our perceptions differ, allowing us to obtain unique synergy. This is how exceptional ideas and ways of their implementation are created.


This is where every wooden story begins. A place close to nature, full of inspiration.Surrounded by nothing but the forest, in the very heart of Kashubia. This is where we look for inspiration and energy. This is also our workshop, where we design, cut, sand – create. Visit us, have a cup of coffee, and get to know the wood. Touch it, feel its soft structure, and choose your own piece.


We create simple and minimalistic forms that will adapt to your surroundings.An oak table with natural cracks, worthy of a place of honour in a rustic interior. A geometrical coffee table which will emphasise the simplicity and universality of Scandinavian design. Steel, which we like to combine with wood, is a perfect addition to loft interiors, and adding a wooden wall to your space will make it one of a kind. Our heads are full of ideas, but we also realise individual projects and our clients’ dreams.


Our showroom in the City Meble gallery in Gdańsk gives a glimpse of our wooden stories.This is where we listen, advise, and help to make decisions – a place where we present different kinds of wood, its natural grains and shades. Our showroom is sure to inspire you and help you make a choice. Do you want a table that matches your floor? Come to us with a piece of a board and we will choose the right colour. This is where we look for solutions and transpose onto paper and wood the ideas of our clients.